SMARCTIC Energy Advisory Services is live!

Dec 23, 2022
SMARCTIC helps public governing bodies to increase the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in housing and public infrastructures in remote, sparsely populated areas. The Energy Advisory Services provides insight on implementing an energy pilot, access to the SMART Energy Management Model, and increased exposure among the Northern Periphery and Arctic community.

SMARCTIC has implemented energy-saving pilots in 5 NPA regions, enhancing their capacity to deliver high-quality energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in their communities.

The ‘Smart Energy Management Model’ (SEMM) is a technology-based framework for implementing energy-saving solutions. The model has been adapted from existing smart city models to facilitate implementations in smaller, rural, and more remote communities.

If you are responsible for energy, infrastructure, and public building management in a Northern Periphery and Arctic region, join the SMARCTIC network. The network will allow you to engage with partners and adopt the Smart Energy Management Model (SEMM) to help you implement innovative energy solutions in your community, making it more energy efficient and addressing current energy challenges.

Find out more in the SMARCTIC Energy Advisory Services!