SMARCTIC as a good example at the Young People’s Science School in Iceland

October 6, 2022

Our project partner Orkusetur Energy Agency presented the SMARCTIC project at the Young People’s Science School held at the University of Akureyri. This is a summer course that is held at the University of Akureyri every summer.

Young People’s Science School aims to offer educational and fun entertainment to the age group 11-13 years old. There, the young people get to know five themes, one theme each day, which reflects the University of Akureyri’s diverse course offerings.

During the first day of the summer course, Eyrún Gígja Káradóttir project manager at Orkusetur talked to the students about energy exchange in air transport and also she shared some information about the projects that Orkusetur and Vistorka are working on relation to environmental issues. There she took the SMARCTIC project as an example and explained the NPA funded project’s goal. 

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